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Screw Fit Hose with Double Rebreather Bags Set

Screw Fit Hose with Double Rebreather Bags Set

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Add a rebreather bag shut off valve
Hose Assembly Only (without rebreather bags)

This Hose and Rebreather Bag set includes a screw fit hose that works with all screw-fit Gas Masks and accessories. 

It allows you to connect both of the 6 litre push-fit rebreather bags to your favourite gas mask. 

You can choose to add shut-off valves to one or both of your rebreather bags, allowing you to let air into the bags when open and close it off when they are closed. 

  • Please note that the Gas Mask is not included in this package
  • Option to add 1 or 2 Shut Off Valves
  • Also available in the hose only option (without Rebreather Bags)

PLEASE NOTE: Your gas mask must be modified to inhale AND exhale through the in-valve for this set to work correctly.

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