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Ultimate Air Control Board

Ultimate Air Control Board

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Configuration (Standard is FFF-M)

Introducing the Original Ultimate Air Control Board.


Ideal for those into serious fetish play, you can attach your favourite gas mask accessories to this control board and forget about fiddling around and getting tangled up with hoses during a session.

Select the gas mask accessories you want to use, screw them in place and open the red valve tap when you're ready to go.

Had enough of one accessory? Just close it off with the tap and open the one you're ready to use.


Take a look at the range of screw fit masks and accessories we sell here for inspiration.


The backing board includes two pre-drilled holes, ready for hanging on a wall, suspending from a ceiling, or attaching to a sling frame or other piece of dungeon furniture.


Handmade by our team in the UK using only the best quality components, this industrial looking board will fit perfectly into any playroom.

Now available in the following configurations (see pictures)

Standard Configuration from Left to Right as you look at the board is Female - Female - Female to Male



F-F-F to F

F-M-F to F

F-M-F to M

M-F-M to M

M-M-M to M

M-M-M to M

(F=Female connector, M=Male connector)


As these items are handmade by our team in-house, please be aware that there may be a 1-2 day dispatch time while your order is manufactured.


Never do breath play alone! Always play with a partner.


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